Class Teachers & Co-Ordinators

Junior College

Std. XI                Mr. Amrut Shejwalkar

Std. XII               Ms. Ruby Phumale
Prof. Joseph Panackal (Co-ordinator)

Senior College

F. Y. B.Com          Prof. Franklin Salvi

S. Y. B.Com          Prof. Gilbi John

T. Y. B.Com          Fr. James Selvaraj SJ

M.Com (Non- Grant)

Fr.  James Selvaraj, S.J. (Co-ordinator)

College Information

To function as a ‘Night College’ providing quality commerce education to working youth who wish to pursue commerce education while continuing to be employed.”
“St. Vincent College of Commerce is dedicated to the Jesuit hallmark of a value-based and high quality education to working youth, moulding them to be global citizens and men and women for others..”